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Choosing the right piece of exercise equipment is an important investment in your health, not to be taken lightly. The links below lead to product pages detailing the individual specifications of each Spirit Fitness residential treadmill. We have confidence that whichever model you choose will be an important and reliable factor in achieving your personal fitness goals.

Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill motor and cast motor mounts for security and stability.


You can tell a lot about quality based on where the manufacturer invests money in the product. At Spirit Fitness, we spend our money on quality building and components such as cast motor mounts. We chose cast mounts as we believe a stamped steel motor mount does not give the motor the secure mount required in a high quality treadmill. If the motor shifts the drive belt will loosen and the walking belt will feel like it is slipping. Cast mounts help the motor and the belt stay in place, making for a more stable machine and secure workout.


Our Spirit Fitness Folding treadmills are easy to fold up and down for a workout and allow for a full size treadmill to fit in a more compact space when not in use. Releasing the yellow handle located on the back of the treadmill frame will lower the running deck. To fold up, simply lift the treadmill deck until it latches at the top. Our easy assist design makes folding and unfolding the treadmill deck simple and convenient.

Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill motor and cast motor mounts for security and stability.

Two graphics, one of a seal with light grey edge and light grey text reading Industry Leading Warranty Coverage on an orange background, and another with a partial grey circle surrounding a white check mark on a yellow circle showing the ISO 9001 System Certification.


Spirit Fitness can confidently offer our customers one of the best warranties in the industry because we have been building fitness products for over thirty years. That experience gives us a deep understanding of how our product performs during repeated, long-term use. Some of our most satisfied customers have been using their Spirit Fitness products for decades!

At Spirit Fitness we combine the highest quality components with our years of engineering experience and assemble our products in our own ISO 9001 factories (International Organization for Standardization; Standard 9001 is a quality management system to help ensure the factory produces quality products).


An independent survey of specialty fitness retailers awarded Spirit Fitness as their best selling treadmills. It is a vote of confidence that these professionals chose the Spirit Fitness treadmill over all other brands. You can be assured your investment will be around for years to come.

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Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill motor cover with graphic arrows overlaid to indicate heat venting from below the cover.


Heat can be devastating to any electronic device. It is critical that the drive motor, elevation motor, and electronics under a motor cover on any treadmill be kept cool. At Spirit Fitness our engineers have developed an airflow system to promote air circulation to help keep the motor and electronics. Spirit Fitness motor covers have been designed with ventilation and the use of large aluminum frames for the lower electronics to help absorb excess heat. All Spirit Fitness treadmills have been carefully designed to keep the treadmill cool enough to stay running for years.


The New SPIRITFIT APP is designed to monitor and record your workout data through an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module that is compatible with most iOS and Android mobile devices.

After downloading the SPIRITFIT APP, simply set up the account and pair with your SPIRIT FITNESS equipment. Once these steps are complete the app will be ready to track your workout schedule, design your workout plan, and set your workout program while all personal profile and exercise data will be stored in your mobile device. During your workout you can watch a movie, catch up on news, and check your email on your device while the SPIRITFIT APP runs in the background to record exercise data.

The SPIRITFIT APP is able to communicate with Fitbit, iHealth, RECORD, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and other open source training apps. This allows users to continue using the fitness apps they are familiar with and keep all workout history in one convenient location.

SpiritFitness App icon with stylized S on black/grey background with the word Spirit circled in red on a black background below it.

Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill right side handlebar showing a hand clasping it to change the speed using red up and down arrows.


Most Spirit Fitness treadmills offer multiple options for easily adjusting the speed and elevation of a workout. Users can take advantage of the direct access buttons on the upper console or with the + and – keys on the lower console. Speed can also to be adjusted with the + / - button located on the right handlebar while the left handlebar allows the incline to be changed (a button on the lower console allows the handlebar buttons to be disabled if desired). Easy access to a variety of speed/incline adjustment options makes for comfortable usage and a more seamless workout on Spirit Fitness treadmills.


All Spirit Fitness home treadmill consoles feature easy to read, bright blue LCD screens. The consoles and keypads are positioned for easy access in setting up and starting programs. Our contact heart rate grips are comfortably located in the proper ergonomic position while our center mounted swivel fan helps keep you cool during your workout. The water bottle / cargo holders have also been located conveniently within reach for easy access.

View of Spirit Fitness treadmill from the right side featuring a dark-haired female model running on the machine while wearing a pink and black sports bra and black shorts with a multi-coloured waistband.


A key factor for any product's user accessibility is its interface. During the development of our new consoles we focused on the simple principle of ensuring relevant workout information is easily accessible.
A quick button press allows the user to begin a walk, run, or one of the specialized workouts and some models allow the user to develop their own programs. Our large, easy-to-read consoles give constant feedback from calories to distance to time, while some models offer separate displays for heart rate and muscle activation.

Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill console showing muscle activation profile indicator lights in amber and red.
Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill console showing muscle activation profile indicator lights in amber and red.

Muscle Activation Profile

It’s important to understand which muscle groups are gaining the most benefit during your workout. On our treadmills users are able to engage their glute (bottom), hamstring (back of thigh), quad (thigh), calf, pec, and arm muscles. The LED lights indicating muscle activation activate during three degrees of engagement: green represents minimal involvement; amber medium involvement, and red is full or heavy involvement. This quick reference allows users to challenge themselves during a workout.

Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill console partially showing cooling fan in the middle of the console and speaker on the right hand side.

Music & Air Conditioning

Most Spirit Fitness treadmill consoles feature a swivel fan to help users stay a bit cooler during a workout, as well as an integrated set of audio speakers. A 3.5mm adapter cord is included allowing users to attach any compatible music source and enjoy their favorite music to help them go the extra mile.

Close-up of Spirit Fitness treadmill console showing heart rate percent profile indicator lights in green, amber, and red.

Heart Rate % Profile

Heart Rate training is proven to be one of the best ways to measure your workout. In order for users to gauge their workouts, some models offer an integrated Heart Rate % Profile indicator. Based on a user's age (entered during the programming phase), these models offer a quick reference look at a user's heart rate percentage compared to a maximum projected heart rate. Console integrated LED lights display amber for 50-60% of the maximum projected heart rate, green indicates 65%-80%, and red for 85%+.